About Us

Who we are?

Sagol Japanese Language Institute, established in 2017 is a private education consultant company pioneering in Japanese  education consultancy through extensive education services.

Sagol Japanese Language Institute is a group of highly trained professionals in the field of education with a motto of providing the highest quality of counseling to students in the selection of colleges and universities to find right educational programmes based on their needs and talents. We also provide guidance and help for application procedures and visa processing and inform students about foreign policies of education, abroad studies procedures and part-time jobs during studies.

We focus on assiduous work to preserve the quintessential hallmark of our services in the cut-throat age of competition. We are committed to gender equality.

Our Vission

Sagol Japanese Language Institute has a sole vision to impart the highest quality service to our candidates, thus fulfilling their dreams and aspirations of attaining higher education overseas.

Sagol Japanese Language Institute will set challenging standards leading to an overall development in the industry.

Attain leadership by providing quality, ethical and professional service to clients.

We believe that our services embody the quality of research, outreach and information. We aspire to satisfy every student, every parent, every guardian and every partner institution we work with. Our every approach reflects to fulfill the blanks saying ‘what needs to be done’